The Winds of War

July 23 – August 2, 2012
Showcase Concert: August 2, 2012

Howard County Center for the Arts
8510 High Ridge Road Ellicott City, MD

Our 2012 program, The Winds of War will feature music from times of war and peace. Rehearsals will be held for two weeks and will culminate in a showcase concert.

Tuition for the Senior Division is $325 payable upon enrollment. Financial assistance is available to those in need.

2012 MRPE Calendar (as of 6-5-12)


Workshop Rehearsals:

(recommended but not mandatory)

July 17 (Tue) 5:30-8 pm
July 19 (Thu) 5:30-8 pm

Full Rehearsals:

(students may be excused from a full rehearsal if there is a conflict known in advance)

July 23 (Mon) 5:30-8 pm
July 24 (Tue) 5:30-8 pm
July 25 (Wed) 5:30-8 pm
July 26 (Thu) 5:30-8 pm
July 27 (Fri) 5:30-8 pm

July 29 (Sun) 2-5 pm
July 30 (Mon) 2-5 pm
July 31 (Tue) 2-5 pm
August 1 (Wed) 2-5 pm – Dress Rehearsal – MANDATORY
August 2 (Thu) TBA – Sound Check
August 2 (Thu) TBA – Concert (7 or 7:30pm)

The ensemble is open to all percussion students. Placement in one of two ensembles is based on age and experience. To view eligibility requrements, please see our Membership and Eligibility page.


"The Mercury Rising Percussion Ensemble has been one of the most enriching experiences in our son Hrday's life. We excitedly look forward to seeing what new ideas Joanna comes up for the pieces, to challenge the kids. So far Hrday has played with the ensemble two summers and we can attest that the level of training and performances is far superior to any other group because of the intensive practice sessions and the choice of music.

We also get a global perspective of music and have listened to pieces inspired from different cultures and styles. We recommend this to kids of all ages and know it will be a fun activity every summer."

Sandhya and Gopal K. - Parents . . . 2010, 2011

"My son Daniel has participated in the Mercury Rising Percussion Ensemble for three years. Joanna Huling's teaching brings out the best in students of all ages and abilities as well as encouraging them to continue playing in school. Daniel was also able to spend time with friends who had similar interests.

The finale of the summer was a fun concert that everyone including parents enjoyed."

Rose S. - Parent . . . Summer 2008, Winter 2008, 2009, 2011

"My first year with MRPE opened up my eyes into an experience in percussion ensemble that was not provided at my school. I learned how to play more instruments in those weeks than I had the past year. I even played a piece of paper! My experience with MRPE has been nothing but fantastic, and I highly recommend it."

Daniel R. - Member . . . Summer 2008, Winter 2008, 2009, 2011
"The Mercury Rising experience has been a great one. By participating in the ensemble, our son has been able to play with professional musicians, gained experience playing instruments he never would have gotten through his school music department, and been challenged with pieces and parts that have raised his skill level and allowed him to audition, and make, the highest level band at his school.

He looks forward to another year in the group, and we as his parents, look forward to a unique concert at the end of the program."

Dave and Sue C. - Parents . . . 2009, 2010, 2011

"As a member of the Mercury Rising Percussion Ensemble for 2 years, as well as a student of Joanna Huling for 5 years, I can honestly say that MRPE has dramatically improved my skills as a percussionist while also introducing me to many new friends. The program is always fun, with plenty of laughs, has a wide variety of music, and increases skill in all percussion. I look forward to it every year and highly recommend it to all percussionists of all skill levels"

EJ T., 17 - Member . . . 2010, 2011